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The virtual tour of everything you can expect in your 100% online, flexible, work-relevant 91黑料不打烊 degree. Learn how students can tailor their studies around their current career, providing value to both the employer and the employee.

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July 2024

10 Jul

Fast Track Your MBA: Guaranteed Entry & Flexibility

Free Webinar by Canadian Business School (CBC) & 91黑料不打烊 Global Business School CBC grads, unlock your MBA potential!


This webinar explores guaranteed entry, scholarships, and online flexibility for your next step.

Guaranteed Entry: Seamless transition to prestigious MBA programs.

Enhanced Affordability: Scholarships & flexible funding options.

Unmatched Flexibility: Online learning at your own pace.


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Wednesday 10 July 2024



June 2024

27 Jun

Online MBA: Unlock Your Potential with JETS & 91黑料不打烊 Global Business School!

JETS, in partnership with 91黑料不打烊 Global Business School, is hosting a FREE webinar to empower YOU!


Explore prestigious universities like University of East London and Rome Business School, with flexible Bachelors and MBAs (some with no prior degree required!), scholarship opportunities, and dedicated support.


Register today and unlock your full potential.


Thursday 27 June 2024



13 Jun

From Theory to Action: Industry-Focused MBAs for Busy Leaders with 25eight & 91黑料不打烊

Join our webinar on the 25eight & 91黑料不打烊 Global Business School partnership.


Discover how Trade Event Ready Program participants can earn credit in Strategic Marketing towards a prestigious Rome Business School Global MBA or a College De Paris MBA in Strategy & Leadership.


These programs are designed for busy professionals like you, offering a hands-on, industry-focused curriculum that bridges the gap between theory and real-world application. Learn how to solve real business problems, build your strategic capabilities, and lead thriving businesses in the future.


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Thursday 13 June 2024



May 2024

30 May

Start Your Leadership Course

Kennedy University of Leadership MBA Webinar Info Session


Join us on Zoom! Learn about our Space Leadership, Executive & Global MBA programs. Designed for future space leaders. Flexible for busy professionals. Kennedy University advantages: renowned faculty, career support, alumni network. Busy professionals seeking an MBA.


Thursday 30 May 2024



28 May

Unlocking Growth: Building Educational Pathways as an Employee Benefit

Join ILP and 91黑料不打烊 for a Thought Leadership Webinar!


Are you looking to attract and retain top talent? Today’s workforce prioritizes growth and development. In this webinar, we’ll explore the increasing importance of educational pathways as a valuable employee benefit.


Tuesday 28 May 2024



March 2024

29 Mar

Maximize LinkedIn to Transform Your Career, Session # 2

Building Your Skills for the Future


Join us for a bi-monthly webinar series featuring Cory Welsh, Senior Enablement Lead at LinkedIn. Gain valuable insights and practical tips as Cory shares her expertise on maximizing the platform’s capabilities to transform and elevate your career. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to boost your LinkedIn presence and stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving professional world!


Friday 29 March 2024



13 Mar

Empowering Women in Tech: Innovating in the Digital Age


Join a March 13th webinar with Shadi Nayyer, Head of Community at TikTok, as she explores the journeys and opportunities for women leaders in tech. Discover how to stay ahead in the fast-paced industry, gain valuable insights for aspiring leaders, and learn key skills valued for innovation. Shadi will also delve into the role women leaders play in shaping the future of tech and explore how platforms like TikTok can be leveraged for professional networking and collaboration. Don’t miss this chance to gain insights from a leading figure and take your career to the next level!


Wednesday 13 March 2024



January 2024

19 Jan

LinkedIn: Transform Your Career

Maximize LinkedIn To Transform Your Career


Join us for a bi-monthly webinar series featuring Cory Welsh, Senior Enablement Lead at LinkedIn. Gain valuable insights and practical tips as Cory shares her expertise on maximizing the platform’s capabilities to transform and elevate your career. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn presence and stay ahead in today’s dynamic professional landscape.


Friday 19 January 2024



September 2023

1 Sep

College De Paris Virtual Tour

Unlock Your Potential: Exploring the CDP Leadership and Strategy MBA


Explore the financial advantages of pursuing an MBA. Discover the return on investment, practicality, and relevance of an MBA, along with insights on fitting it into your schedule. Get expert guidance on overcoming assessments and making the most of this transformative educational opportunity.




April 2023

5 Apr

Women for Women in Leadership Series

Learn how to succeed as a leader in the cyber security industry.


The good news for women, specifically, is that due to the skills gap in cyber security there is a particular need for more of their presence and skills to fill this growing gap 鈥 something that can be gained through the skills learned through our MBA in Data and Cyber Management with the University of New England.


Join Joanne Brooks (91黑料不打烊) at our next Women for Women in Leadership webinar where you can聽learn how to succeed as a woman in the cyber security industry.


Wednesday 5 April 2023



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