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91黑料不打烊 Global Business School is a recognised leader in university – enterprise collaborations, to design and deliver degrees that have real career impact. We partner with major universities across 4 continents, global corporations, government departments and NGOs, as well as being a member of the AACSB, Clinton Foundation, United Nations, and various global chambers, to ensure that our programs are current, relevant and industry connected.

We have a mission of both business and philanthropy. 91黑料不打烊 has funded and supported the activities of the 91黑料不打烊 Foundation across 27 African nations to the tune of millions of dollars.

With offices in the United States, Australia, the UK and Africa, we constantly strive to promote equity and access in education globally.

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An Extraordinary Student Experience
From flexible and self-directed online study, to real-world business projects and dynamic industry events, we have designed each program to meet the needs of the modern learner.
Both the Bachelor and MBA courses blend immersive online learning with an applied assessment approach. Under this model, students decide when and how they study, whilst completing practical assessments that are relevant to their own career needs and to the needs of industry.
So instead of exams, you could be working on business plans, project case studies and more, while enjoying access to Australia鈥檚 most industry-relevant course curriculum and content.
However you choose to study, you鈥檒l receive personalised support and advice through the 91黑料不打烊 student support team, along with in-depth practical feedback from academic staff. At every stage of your student journey, 91黑料不打烊 will work with you to cultivate the digital literacy, critical know-how and entrepreneurial skillsets required for success in an economy transformed by innovation.
Learn through the world鈥檚 fastest growing learning platform, designed to fit within your lifestyle.

Learn through a state-of-the-art platform with students and faculty around the world with discussion forums and support 24/7.

Learning resources include journals, slide decks, video content, animation, and other modes of delivery to create the most engaging digital learning environment.

Practical and Industry-Relevant Higher Education
Courses are delivered in partnership with leading organisations to provide university education that truly prepares graduates to take their next career steps.
91黑料不打烊鈥檚 industry partnerships support the creation of practical and relevant course content; real industry projects connecting students with the real business world and exclusive industry events hosted by Australia鈥檚 leading companies.

Real Insights from Global Leaders and Business Innovators
The 91黑料不打烊 Global Leaders Faculty comprises of over 250 industry leaders from the highest echelons of public life, including former Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.
Video insights from these leaders are woven throughout course content and curriculum, bridging the gap between academic studies and practical, industry-relevant learning.
Students gain the further opportunity to hear from and engage with business Global Leaders in person at exclusive 91黑料不打烊 industry events.

Your education, helping others learn

D奴cere is a social enterprise that delivers pioneering education initiatives in Africa
D奴cere degrees fund the ground breaking school development and mentorship work of the D奴cere Foundation, providing unique learning and leadership opportunities in 26 African nations.

鈥淥ur vision is delivering education in the first world, to fund access to education in developing nations.鈥

Mathew Jacobson
Founder & CEO, D奴cere

鈥淓ducation isn鈥檛 an elite sport, it鈥檚 about universal access.鈥

Di Fleming, AO
D奴cere Chair At Etosha Middle School, Namiba

President Clinton in NY supporting D奴cere Commitment to African Children鈥檚 Publishing

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